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FAQ Post

First entry! Now it's a real club!

Time for a FAQ!

Q: Can I post fanfic?

A: Yes! Please do!

Q: Even if it's not on LJ?

A: Yes! Though you might want to let people know where the link's going to take them.

Q: Can I post other people's fanfic?

A: Fanfic recommendations are entirely welcome! Plagiarism is not.

Q: I want to post my fic here, but I don't have an LJ account! And I don't want to get one!
A: While getting an LJ account is pretty quick, if you don't want one, just email your friendly neighborhood Roach Patrol (at, and she will happily post it for you!

Q: Can I post something that's not fanfic?

A: Thoughts, musings, discussion, requests, zany ideas, sad orphaned plot bunnies shivering in the snow, those are all welcome! Icons, doodles, mood themes: please find another fan community to post those in. Fancomics, go right ahead! Fanart... use your own discretion, but at least only post stuff that you're proud of and consider 'finished'.

Q: what qualifies as 'toonfic'?
A: ideally, a TV show or movie (or film) that was animated in 2- or 3-D. Think: Invader Zim, Beauty And The Beast, Shrek, Sponge Bob Squarepants, Toy Story, The Road To El Dorado, The Land Before Time, Pepper Ann, the many, many cartoon series of Scooby Doo, the movie version of Watership Down. The Disney cartoons Alice In Wonderland and Peter Pan, but not the live action ones and definitely not the books.

Live Action Disney films like Pirates of the Caribbean aren't animation; Marvel and DC cartoon movies-- but not the live action movies or the original comics-- aren't animation. Kingdom Hearts is animated (and Disney!) but not a film or show. Enchanted is... kind of a gray area. Again, use your own discretion!

Q: What's up with the ratings system?

A: All fics posted here should have a rating attached, to let potential readers know what maturity level they're letting themselves in for. We also don't want underage people seeing stuff that they legally shouldn't. The more sex and/or violence in your fic, the higher it should be rated. If you're dealing with issues like non- or dubious consent, drugs, torture, explicit violence, or death, please consider putting up a warning!

The ratings are modeled after the Motion Picture Association of America Film Rating System

G means the story is okay for everyone; PG, PG-13, and R means the story is for some people but not others; NC-17 or M (for Mature) means the story isn't okay for anyone under the age of majority for their country or state.

Q: I have another question!
A: Ask away in the comments, and I'll answer it as soon as I can!
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