chelonianmobile (chelonianmobile) wrote in toonfic,

Hi! I'm new, and I bring a Who Framed Roger Rabbit drabble. Rated PG for death.


The suspect was cornered, and the Valiants were closing in.

As they entered the building, the distinct shadow of a falling piano covered them. Eddie chuckled. Sure, it'd hurt, but this was Toontown; if they ran it'd somehow land on them anyway, and if it hit they'd just walk it off. Teddy grinned. "Brace yourself, Ed."

It was only when it was too late, as he felt the bones in his arm snap under the pressure and Teddy's smiling face disappeared under the splintering pile of wood, that Eddie managed to think Wait a minute, that's a real piano ...
Tags: fic, movie, rating: pg

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