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FANART: Scooby fashion through the decades

Now that Mystery Incorporated has got me on a Scooby Doo kick, I just realized that Velma is the only member of the gang that never got a new outfit (she got one in Pup Named Scooby Doo, but she was only a kid in that show). Heck even Shaggy got a new shirt once in a while!
Some other gang members also missed out on wacky 80s-90s era fashions, so I decided to doodle some here. Hope you like 'em!



Daphne and Velma's 90s outfits are grown-up versions of the clothes they wore in Pup Named Scooby Doo (I always loved Daphne's Faye Valentine boots in that show). I also gave them era appropriate hair styles.

I had to include a little Shaggy/Velma sketch because it's cannon now (huzzah!). ~_^

Fred and Shaggy's 90s looks were fun to do. Especially Fred. I don't like how they ditched his ascot in a lot of the modern Scooby reboots. Freddie's ascot is his trademark! That man was proudly "metro" before the term "metro" even existed. Observe:

There's a new episode of Mystery Incorporated on tomorrow night. Go watch it!!

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