brendala (brendala) wrote in toonfic,

Newbie Fanart post - Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated fanart

Hi Everybody!
I'm really excited to see an LJ community that shows some love to Western cartoons. And, since you guys have changed the rules to allow fanart, I decided to join.

I decided to go with some fanart from the brand new Scooby Doo reboot called Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated. Don't let the utter suckiness of the last few Scooby reboots scare ya off, this new show is actually fantastic! Anyhoo, onto the fanart:



That's right. After 30+ years of shipper demand, they finally made Shaggy/Velma canon! And I love the way it's handled in the show. In the pilot, Velma actually jumps him in the back of they Mystery Machine! I'm not kidding.

Personally, I've always liked Velma because I could relate to being the short nerd in the group.
And the situation in the picture is actually based on something that really happened back when my 6'9"-tall Uncle and my 5'3"-tall Aunt were still dating. She wore ridiculous platforms for a few months before realizing that it was pointless. Watching the new Scooby show made me think about them and inspired this fanart. I hope you guys like it! ^_^

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